It is important to find the right therapist for your individual needs. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation so that we can talk and you can determine whether I am the right fit for you. For your introductory consultation please call (512) 940-7434. Please explore my website to find out more about my experience, services and philosophy.

Children & Adolescent Therapy

Click Here for Children: Through play, children naturally process feelings and experiences that overwhelm them and exceed their level of understanding. I help children develop coping skills and learn to express their feelings.

Click Here for Adolescents: Adolescence is a difficult time for everyone involved. When a teen begins acting out and/or refuses to communicate with their parents, talking to a trained professional can be helpful.

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Family Therapy & Parent Coaching

Family Therapy: Often, when a child is struggling, it can impact the whole family. Sometimes it is helpful to get other family members involved to support the child in his or her treatment.

Parent Coaching: Often, parents have tried many things before they see me. I offer them techniques, strategies, and my parenting philosophy.

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Adult Therapy

There are events in our lives that take place, sometimes by our own choosing and sometimes not, where our day-to-day lives are going to be different. A trained therapist can support you so that you can get your bearings and develop the confidence you need to move forward with the many changes that you are facing. Reconnecting with who you are and getting in touch with your own unique voice can help you get started.

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