About Rebecca Kloc, LPC

Rebecca Kloc LPCRebecca Kloc is a Licensed Professional Counselor and therapist who has a great deal of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Her private practice is located at
3103 Bee Caves Road in Westlake Hills,
Austin, Texas 78746.

Rebecca Kloc’s Philosophy of Counseling

“As a licensed professional counselor, I provide guidance and feedback to individuals and families. I begin by getting to know you and how you got where you are. Once I’ve assessed the current situation and the context of the past that is relevant to it, we can start looking for solutions together.

I believe my greatest strength is my ability to create an atmosphere of acceptance, safety, and abundance. Once my clients feel safe, we are in a position to seek creative solutions. I believe that things do get better. People are able to make healthier choices. People are motivated to do things differently when things aren’t working. I’ve personally experienced this healing dynamic and I’ve witnessed it time and time again in my practice.

I love what I do. I care about my clients. It is deeply gratifying to me and it warms my heart when my clients tell me things are better or when I can see it for myself. I’m grateful to my clients for the trust they place in me to join them on their path and make a difference in their lives as they make a difference in mine. I learn as I teach. The client/therapist relationship is my first priority and serves as the foundation for all of the work we do together. I customize my treatment based on each individual client’s needs and goals. I accept all of my clients where they are, having faith that they will move forward at their own pace.”
– Rebecca Kloc, LPC


As a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca Kloc earned  a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a minor in Psychology. Subsequently, she received her Juris Doctor degree from Southern Methodist University, School of Law. She continued her education at St. Edward’s University and received her Master of Arts in Counseling degree.


Rebecca Kloc has been in private practice for many years working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Before branching out on her own, she worked in a number of diverse settings, including private practice offices, schools, Travis County Juvenile Court, the YWCA, and Settlement Home, a residential treatment center for females (ages 10-17 years old) who have survived physical and/or sexual abuse. She’s led groups, as well as, seen a wide variety of individuals of all ages with presenting issues of all kinds.

Rebecca Kloc is certified in EMDR by accumulating the necessary experience and additional training & consultation required for EMDRIA certification in EMDR.

“Ever since my initial training in EMDR, I have repeatedly been amazed and inspired by the way that EMDR has enhanced my clients’ ability to process trauma or difficult experiences and see them in a different way.”
– Rebecca Kloc, LPC

Rebecca Kloc has amassed extensive clinical experience that covers a broad spectrum of issues, diagnoses and varying degrees of gravity.
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