Rebecca’s services include therapies that work for people in all stages of life.


I use play therapy to develop a therapeutic relationship with children. Through play, children naturally process feelings and experiences that overwhelm them and exceed their level of understanding. I help children develop coping skills and learn to express their feelings in a way that fosters healthy relationships. Please click here to learn more about child therapy.


Adolescence is a difficult time for everyone involved: parents and teens alike. Sometimes, a teen begins acting out and/or refuses to communicate with their parents. That can be scary for parents and it impacts the whole family. That’s when a teen could really use someone to talk to who’s not their parent. A trained professional can provide a safe place to help your teen sort things out and teach you both how to communicate more effectively. Please click here to learn more about adolescent therapy.

Therapy for Adults

There are events in our lives that take place, sometimes by our choosing and sometimes not, where our day-to-day lives are going to be different. We may need help finding our way and navigating this new terrain. I can support you so that you can get your bearings and develop the confidence you need to move forward with the many changes that you are facing. Learning how to communicate and process your emotions can facilitate your first steps on this new path. Please click here to learn more about adult therapy.

Parent Coaching

Often, parents have tried many things before they see me. I offer them techniques, strategies, and my parenting philosophy. They are encouraged to try new things and give me feedback about what is most effective for their child. We problem solve together. Please click here to learn more about parent coaching.

Family Therapy

When I work with children and adolescents, parental involvement is encouraged and family counseling may be recommended. Often, when a child is struggling, it can impact the whole family. Sometimes, it is helpful to get other family members involved to support the child in his or her treatment. The child is always included in these decisions. Please click here to learn more about family therapy.